I'm a retired electrical engineer who loves to take photos. I prefer to take photos of things  rather than people ... particularly landscape photos. Being a nerdy engineer, I don't really have an artistic "vision."  My goal is to create images that match reality as closely as possible rather than manipulate nature/reality to meet an artistic vision. Nature is awesome enough on its own, it doesn't need to be augmented.
I love visiting our state and national parks. Unfortunately, my long hiking trip days are over due to worn out knees (way to much hard court tennis in my younger days), but I do what I can. I don't think medical science will be available to regrow knee cartilage in my lifetime, so I'm hoping that exo-skeleton technology will be developed so I can hike up to the South Rim in Big Bend National Park again.
Thank you for visiting my webpage.
" I've often said that a seven-course meal for a nature photographer is six granola bars and an apple."  John Shaw   Be
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